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Distress Centre Niagara is a charitable, non-profit organization established in 1970 under the name Care-Line.

In 1998, under the name of Distress Centre Niagara the service expanded to providing services to all municipalities by providing toll-free access across the region. Distress Centre Niagara is committed to providing free, confidential 24-hour, 365-day support and crisis/suicide prevention and intervention to individuals in need in the Niagara Region.

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We connect you

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The Mental Health Addictions Access Line is a program that provides centralized information about mental health and addiction services across Niagara.

The Mental Health Addictions Access Line is a program offered by Distress Centre Niagara. The program was launched in 2014 . At the time individual agencies or intake staff did not necessarily know the full extent of services across the region beyond the services provided by their own organization. The person often had to find and contact the various services, sometimes with multiple calls, and usually at a time when they were emotionally vulnerable. Agencies and organizations recognized that they needed to collaborate in providing one place where people could find support and be directed to the service they needed.

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We connect you

Text and Online Chat Services

This service provides one-on-one conversation for anyone who prefers this mode of communication or find it uncomfortable or unsafe to make a call. 

Our Text and Chat support program is a safe, confidential service that is available for everyone regardless of age, issue or concerns.

For online support between 2pm and 2am EST,  click on the chat now button located at bottom right corner of the page. 

For support through text messages, please reach out from your mobile phone to: 905-682-2719. 

For help in the Niagara Region

Please Call Our 24-Hour Crisis Line

For Residents Outside Of The Niagara Region, Please View Our Out Of Region Services.

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Mission Statement
Skilled Responders supporting the safety and emotional wellness of those in need.
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Vision Statement
Responding to every person in need.
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Core Values
Our organization strives on upholding and implementing these values to keep the respect and confidence of our community, volunteers and partnerships.

We respect the right to privacy as a consistent component of our services.


We provide person-centred services supporting and encouraging individuals to make healthy personal choices.


We lead the way with expertise in crisis, distress and suicide prevention through the highest standards of excellence and innovation.


We work with volunteers and partners across Niagara to provide support, awareness and training services to strengthen our community.


We treat everyone with dignity, respect and without judgment, valuing the diversity in our organization and comm unity.